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From: Denise Pask

Dear Friend,

I’m going to start by saying something you might think is too good to be true, but I’m going to say it anyways…

You don’t need to be a math genius and know absolutely everything about how much things sell for at garage sales before having one of your own. In fact, you can be ready for a profitable yard sale at your own home in one weekend!  

Don’t believe me? Here’s two ways you can make sure "the price is right" for your own yard sale this weekend:

Make a pre-sale list… Having a list of all your items makes it easier to set prices in advance of the sale, removing much of the stress that comes with "opening day" of your garage sale. It's also great to have this list with you during the sale in the event that some items show up with "missing" price tags. You could also...

Spend this Saturday out garage sale-ing… Invest a few hours of your time this weekend going to garage sales in your area. Seeing what prices other people in the area are charging for their stuff will give you a fast advantage in pricing garage sale items. Bonus Tip: bring the pre-sale item list you created above and write the prices down!

Of course, if you have never been to a garage sale in your life, it's going to take more than just a weekend to learn how to price your things…Let alone, everything involved with running a yard sale. But you get the idea, garage sale pricing is actually not that hard and anyone can start making a pricing list today as long as they have pen & paper and access to the internet.


Now this is no “magic wand” that you wave and all your items suddenly have price tags. And obviously, not all garage sales can be set up in a weekend. But regardless of not having good luck with setting prices in the past, there are proven techniques that take the hassle out of pricing items and getting your next garage sale started FAST:

Price everything selling for $5 and under in 15 minutes or less.  

Make more money by removing objects from your garage sale that are driving away customers…Things buyers just won't tell you about.

Using the right techniques to talk with visitors at your yard sale can mean the difference between getting full price for your stuff and seeing them walk out empty-handed. Find out what to say…And what NOT to say when you deal with potential buyers.

Discover some simple tips for getting almost everyone that visits to feel like they got way more than they bargained because they stopped by your garage sale.

You can use the same 5 sources I use for finding prices fast! If you start with my pre-sale price checklist half of your work will be done and you can focus on getting the most cash from your more valuable items

Uncover the benefits of using a "freebie box" to sell more stuff and avoid filling a bunch of trash bags Monday morning.

Ok, hopefully now you see there is more involved with yard sale pricing than colorful tags and a bunch of guesswork. But maybe, you just want to get rid of your junk and don't care how much money you get for it. In that case, I suggest donating whatever things they will accept to a charity and throwing the rest away- you've got better things to do with your valuable time than deal with strangers all weekend.

But if your someone who loves garage sales and wants to make a nice sum of cash from one or more sales this year, you first need to know the basic fundamentals- proven methods and techniques along with easy examples of what works for pricing objects in your sale. And that is exactly what you’ll learn in the…

Garage Sale Pricing guide

Garage Sale Pricing Guide

So, how much is this great guide going for?

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I am willing to do this because I am so sure that once you get your hands on the Garage Sale Pricing Guide I won’t be able to buy it back from you, let alone get you to simply give it up!

GUARANTEE: Get the "Garage Sale Pricing Guide" right now and read it over. Try the information out. If you are for any reason at all not 100% satisfied, send me an email within 90 days after purchasing, and I will personally refund every penny of your money, no questions asked. It's as simple as that.

The sooner you download the Garage Sale Pricing Guide, the sooner you will find out everything you need to know in order to get the most cash from your garage sale goodies. And just think, once you hold your first profitable rummage sale, you’ll be able to set up many more just like it…only you can decide how many sales is enough!

To Your Success,
Denise Pask

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